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Sterilization has been in the headlines this week.   At first I thought I had somehow traveled back in time to the heyday of eugenics.  Alas, that is not so. We are experiencing some horrifying forcible sterilization right here in the 21st century.  WTF?

According to the Boston Globe, a judge ordered a Massachusetts woman, who has schizophrenia and bipolar disorder, to abort her pregnancy and be sterilized forcibly.  The judge claimed that the woman was not competent enough to decide whether or not to have an abortion and sterilization would prevent “this painful situation from recurring.”  Luckily, the Appeals Court reversed this decision ruling that the court needed to respect the woman’s decision to keep her pregnancy.

Meanwhile, in the supposed liberal, all-around wonderful land of Sweden, the government has decided to keep their law requesting sterilization of trans people.  “The 1972 law being kept in force states that a person wanting their gender reconsidered by the state has to be over 18 years old, unmarried and sterilised.”  Head on over to Feministing and read more about this horrid decision.

It is shocking that governments think they have a right to decide who is worthy to have children and who is not.