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This week in sexual heath news, we dive into the deep realms of the vagina,   have adventures in Sex City, and make it into the land of babyeating.  No, this is not the latest sci-fi.  Read on, my friends!  Godspeed.

In science news, it was officially declared that the G-spot does not exist.  Do not fret, vagina possessors.  A study shows that there is an area that is especially sensitive and can be referred to as the “G-zone”.  So much easier to find than a single spot!

The CDC released a report this week that suggests Americans are practicing more safe sex behaviors.  Data collected between 2006-2010 found that there is a decline in risky behaviors associated with HIV transmission.

Wish you could personally thank President Obama for ensuring access to no-cost contraception?  Well, now you can.

Any person over the age of 17 can get Emergency Contraception (EC) over the counter, but apparently some pharmacists suck at their job.  According to a study, 20% of callers posing as teens were denied EC without a prescription.

Remember when I told you about the awesome PSA campaign by Bedsider? You can vote for their ads on TED’s contest for Ads Worth Spreading.

Pee in Peace is a new iPhone app that has been developed for transgender and gender non-conforming folks.  It helps locate single stall or gender neutral bathrooms in Ithaca, NY.

A video game called A Closed World addresses LGBTQ issues, something that is very uncommon in the gaming world.  Below is the trailer.

Also, in the gaming world, a sequel has been launched for the controversial online sex-ed game in Canada.  Adventures in Sex City targets young people to promote safe sex behaviors by debunking myths and providing resources.

In the latest abortion law, Oklahoma introduced a bill to ban the eating of aborted human fetuses.  Yep, you read that right.  No more babyeating.

Ask a Grown Man With Paul Rudd brought to you by Rookie.  Love him.

Have a glorious weekend!