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Yale University is celebrating Sex Week from February 4 – 14th in order to share information about sex, sexuality, intimacy, and relationships.  The organizers use the events with the goal of increasing awareness and understanding of sexual topics in order to

promote student’s agency in making educated decisions and to foster a sexual environment that is respectful, well-informed, and intellectually engaged.

While sex is always a topic of conversation on this blog, I’ll be participating in Sex Week, too, with an emphasis on relationships.  With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, there is a massive amount of attention to love and romance.  Some have decided to Occupy Valentine’s Day in order to discuss its harmful effects on people.  In an attempt to combine the two movements, I will be focusing on relationships – with yourself, your friends, and lovers.  And, of course, there will a lot of talking about sex.

Starting today and through the 14th, I’ll be posting every day (except for the weekend).  I’ll have lots of information, videos, and even some special deals to keep your sex life happy and healthy.  Let me know how you’re participating in Sex Week by leaving a comment.