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On the third day of Sex Week, my true love gave to me… BAGS!  And protection from pregnancy, STDs, and HIV/AIDS.

Fashion Designer Maggie Kervick has teamed up with Lifestyles® condoms to launch the “I’m Covered” campaign for her handbag company, BagsbyMags.  Made out of SKYN® condom wrappers, Kervick’s handbags aim to empower women to carry and use condoms as well as overcome the negative stereotype often associated with this.  I had a little Q&A with the designer to learn more.

MV: What was your influence in launching the I’m Covered Campaign?  How did the idea come up?

MS: I was a Resident Assistant at the Fashion Institute of Technology (where I went to college).  We handed out tons of NYC condoms and ran programs about safe sex. After one of my meetings I got the idea to take the extra condoms, and construct them into a handbag.  I had such an overwhelming response every time I wore the bag, that I decided to really pursue the idea.  I believe woman get pressured into doing things they are not necessarily ready for, and I hope that my bags help them find their voice because no one is exempt to any of the risks of not wearing a condom.

MV: Why do you think it’s important for women to carry condoms?

MS: Why relay on your partner?  Carrying one ensures that you can enjoy yourself safely and puts you in control.

MV: What, in your opinion, is the greatest challenge for women to engage in safe sex?

MS: The confidence to stand up for themselves in the heat of the moment.

MV: What advice do you have for women trying to improve their sex lives?

MS: Be confident.  Confidence is sexy.

MV: Who is your favorite fierce female in real life.  Why?

MS: My favorite fierce female is Chelsea Handler.  Girls take themselves way too seriously and I find her outlook and perceptions hilarious.

Kervick’s condom bags come in three different styles: wristlet, makeup bag, and tote.  Each bag comes with a sample pack of Lifestyles® condoms and an informational pamphlet.  For the month of February, my readers can receive 20% off by using the discount code MVSexWeek2012.  This Valentine’s Day, buy yourself or the women in your life one these bags.  Not only will you help protect and empower them, but also help support Answer, an organization dedicated to comprehensive sexuality education.