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Today is not only Valentine’s Day, but also the last day of Sex Week and National Condom Day.  If you are involved with someone, it is the perfect opportunity to talk to your partner about sexual health.  Communication is key to having a good relationship, and that includes talking about using condoms.  If you’re nervous about initiating the conversation, here are some tips.  This is also a good time to talk about STDs, including HIV.  If you don’t know your status, get tested.  You and your partner can get tested together, which can make it less scary.  If you already have an STD, there are some suggestions on how to tell your partner.

Single right now?  Don’t be bitter.  Here’s 5 reasons why being single is great.  And, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate.  This Valentine’s Day, show yourself some love.  Besides, your longest relationship will be with yourself.  Truth.  So treat yourself right and get to know your body.

Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day!  Don’t forget to spread the love!