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National Condom Week is running from February 14 – 21st with lots of people and organizations celebrating across the nation.  Condoms are one of the most effective and cheapest forms of birth control.  They are 98% effective in preventing pregnancy, and they also help prevent STIs, including HIV/AIDS.  To celebrate, here’s a guide to some awesome condom companies.

For every condom purchased at Sir Richard’s, they will donate one to Haiti.  Not only are they addressing the shortage, but they are promoting usage by delivering a product that is culturally relevant.  One® Condoms partners with the One Foundation to help fight the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Africa.  With every purchase, they make a donation to support HIV testing, counseling, and drug treatment.  PROPER ATTIRE® are a fashion forward approach to condoms.  They come in 21 different styles with proceeds benefitting Planned Parenthood.  Finally, don’t forget about BagsbyMags working with Lifestyles® condoms for the “I’m Covered” campaign.  By purchasing a bag, you get free condoms and help support comprehensive sexuality education.

While male condoms are more common and come in more varieties, you should try female condoms if you haven’t.  While the first product had complaints, the new FC2 is more affordable and has been approved by both males and females in many countries.  There are also some added bonuses to female condoms.  They can be used by those who are allergic to latex and be used with oil-based and water-based lubricants.  The external ring on FC2 may stimulate the clitoris enhancing sex for females.  They can even be used in anal sex.  And, a female condom can be inserted up to 8 hours before sex and be left in afterward.  FC2 is available at many health clinics and Planned Parenthood locations.  Check here for more information on finding a location.

For all your condom needs, be sure to head on over to Conscious Contraceptives, a globally conscious organization.  By making a purchase at their online store, you help donate contraceptives to underserved communities domestically and abroad.  Conscious Contraceptives also promotes sexual education to help reduce STIs and unplanned pregnancies worldwide.

You can make a difference while having sex.  #Win