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There was a delay in the Week in Review.  But, better late than never!  Now, you get to start your week off informed!

Chris Brown had two performances at the Grammys and even took one home.  During the show, female fans tweeted, “Chris Brown can beat me all he wants.” These women prove how our society accepts and teaches people that it is okay to accept violence in the name of love.  People need to be angry about the Grammys letting Chris Brown perform and voice that anger.

On Monday, President Obama released his budget for the fiscal year 2013.  In it, he proposes to focus pregnancy prevention on youth in foster care.  This funding can help address the unique experiences of these teens, who have a greater rate of unplanned pregnancy than their peers.

If you live in NYC, you can now download the app Condom Finder for your smart phone.  With it, you can locate free NYC condoms.  Check out their Facebook page for info.

On Thursday, a committee in the House of Representatives held a hearing on the birth control coverage mandate where not a single woman was present, as pictured below.  They defended this claiming that it is an issue about “religious freedom” not contraception and compared birth control to a ham sandwich.  Nope, not a joke.  Show your support of the President’s law to require all employers to cover contraception by signing a petition or two.

Virginia has passed two anti-choice bills this week.  HB 1, also know as the “personhood” bill, defines a fertilized egg as a person.  HB 462 requires a woman to receive a transvaginal ultrasound before an abortion.  You can sign a petition to help stop these bills.

New research shows that more than half of births to American women under 30 occur outside marriage.

A new book is out that uncovers the history of heterosexuality.

RIP Whitney Houston.  FYI, my aunt sang this song to me when I got my period.  Yup, she’s awesome.

Hope you are enjoying your long weekend!