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Today’s Week In Review is dedicated to all the ladies out there.  Sexual health issues affect everyone, despite what some politicians and other conservative folks might think. However, this week I’m putting the spotlight on women.

Virginia has passed the ultrasound bill into law.  It requires women seeking abortions to undergo a medically unnecessary ultrasound.

On March 14th, Texas governor will make cuts to affordable healthcare for 130,000 low-income women.  The Medicaid Women’s Health program provides preventive health care, including birth control, cancer screenings, and annual exams.  Texas women are not giving up without a fight and have launched a statewide road trip.  Dont’ mess with Texas women.

Birth control saves tax payers money.  Duh.

There’s a Slut Revolution occurring.  You should join.

Are You a Slut Flowchart via Mother Jones

Thursday, March 8th was International Women’s Day (IWD), an annual day dedicated to women’s economic, political, and social achievements.  People and organizations across the globe celebrated in different ways.  While everyday is IWD for me, this year I hope people focus on the health status of women, which is currently being undermined worldwide.  Improving women’s health is critical for humanitarian, economic, and social security issues.  USAID has an infographic explaining the benefits of investing in women.

Tomorrow, March 10th, is National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.  In 2009, women made up 23% of new HIV infections.  Get more facts and ways to raise awareness here.

(poster by Favianna Rodriguez)

Have a great weekend!  Don’t forget to set your clocks forward on Sunday.  Spring ahead!