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Hello Readers,

I am going on Spring Break vacation and will not be blogging because, you know, I will be on vacay.  Fear not, for I will not abandon you.  I’ll still be tweeting from the beach so you can stay updated on sexual health news, issues, and links.  I will likely also tweet about the sun, sand, and ocean, which might make you crazy jealous.  You have been warned!  This is also a great opportunity to check out my Sexopedia, if you have not done so yet.  Be sure to check out the links for “Current News and Issues” to keep in the loop.

March is flying by!  Don’t forget that my friends at Lucky Bloke are having a special promotion for this month.  You have only 11 days to take advantage of their great deal.  So, get wet and wild!

This week is International Anti-Harassment Week, a campaign to raise awareness and make public places safer.  Meet Us On The Street and Stop Street Harassment teamed up to bring you this great video.  Find out to get involved on their sites.

Happy Spring!