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Last week, the United Nations Commission for Population and Development (CPD) held its 45th meeting in New York. Every year, member states of the UN and advocates come together to discuss sexual and reproductive health and rights (SRHR) globally. Each country’s progress on the Program of Action created at the International Conference on Population and Development is assessed and new commitments are made to prioritize efforts for the upcoming year while drafting a resolution document. This year’s theme, “Adolescents and Youth”, focused on the needs of young people for the first time.

There was a great deal of intense opposition, negotiations, and lobbying throughout the week during the adoption of a resolution. It seems that comprehensive sexuality education was a hot topic, specifically for the Holy See, the Vatican’s representative. According to Maxsalia Salmon of the Jamaica Youth Advocacy Network, another reason the delegates had difficulty reaching an agreement are the issues surrounding adolescents’ and youth’s sexuality. However, advocates of SRHR were successful and a quite progressive resolution was reached, despite its limitations.

Despite the importance of this meeting, there wasn’t much coverage on the news or in the blogosphere. However, RH Reality Check has highlights – Dispatches from CPD 2012.  You can also read the live tweets of participants, #CPD2012.

Image by Jordan Lewin

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