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Sexual and reproductive health often fall under the category of “women’s health”.  This includes topics about sexuality, birth control, and family planning.  I hate to break it to you, but men also have questions, issues, and investments in their own personal sexual and reproductive health as well as that of their partner.

Photo by Irvin Lin

Men are often not actively involved in discussions about sexual health and rights, particularly straight guys, with regards to public health and politics.  This strikes me as strange and disappointing.  Men in relationships with women often participate in birth control decisions, talking about HIV and STD status, and pleasure, among many other important issues that arise when two people are sexually (and/or romantically) involved.  Shouldn’t they be targeted in public health messages?  Shouldn’t they have a voice in the anti-choice and anti-sex campaigns (and not just radical “pro-life” men)?  After all, these matters affect men, too.

As such, for the month of June, I will be highlighting sexual health topics targeted for men.  It just so happens that  June is Men’s Health Month.  Stay tuned!